While many countries are constantly fighting against new sources of fire, fires in other southern European countries have already been brought back under control.

Fires in southern Europe continue to rage - the next heat wave is imminent

Greece, Turkey, Italy and Russia are currently being hit by devastating forest fires.

In the regions affected by severe forest fires, the situation is getting worse and relaxation is not in sight - the next heat wave has been announced for this week (from 08/10/2021).

The fires on the Greek island of Evia are still out of control. During the operation against the forest fires in Greece, a fire-fighting plane crashed on Sunday!

Hundreds of people were evacuated in the Italian Adriatic community of Campomarino.

The summer of 2021 is marked by extreme weather conditions.

After the flood disaster in western Germany, southern Europe is now being ravaged by devastating fires - Russia is even fighting forest fires and floods at the same time.

In Turkey and Greece, rescue workers and volunteers have been fighting the flames for almost two weeks.

In Greece, the fires near Athens could be brought under control, on the island of Evia and the Peloponnese peninsula, however, the situation is still dramatic.

In Turkey, the south-west Turkish province of Mugla is currently particularly hard hit, with wind hindering fire-fighting work there. In other regions, the situation eased after heavy rainfall.

Forest fires in Greece in 2021

A biblical disaster

In the Mediterranean region, the fire brigades continue to fight the worst forest fires in years without interruption - and in some cases are running out of steam.

On the night of Saturday August 6th, 2021, more than 1,300 people were brought by ferries to the large island of Evia from the coastal town of Limni, which was surrounded by flames.

The fire front on Evia alone extends over a length of 30 kilometers, says the governor of central Greece, Fanis Spanos, who is responsible for the islands.

According to his information, 300 families who had become homeless had to be accommodated in hotels. Another major fire raged in the south of the Peloponnese. Hundreds of hectares of forest burned east of the ancient site of Olympia and in the Magne and Messinia regions.

More than 5,000 residents and tourists were forced to flee the fire in Magne. 70 percent of the area had been destroyed, said the deputy mayor of East Mani, Eleni Drakoulakou.

It is "a biblical catastrophe."

Forest fires in Turkey 2021

It couldn't get any worse

In front of the ruins of a burned down house in Kalemler, Cakar reported: “It is a small, tranquil place where people lived happily until the fire took everything away from them. People still lived here until yesterday ... You can see the preserving jars that are still here. Life stopped.

" The situation is also dramatic in Turkey: There the forestry department announced via Twitter that 180 fires had broken out, 15 of which have not yet been brought under control. In Turkey, the raging forest fires are being fought for the tenth day in a row.

The southern and western Turkish coastal and holiday regions of Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum and Milas are currently hardest hit by the fires. In Milas, the flames engulfed several neighborhoods that had previously been evacuated on Friday night. The provinces of Muğla and Tunceli and the cities of Aydin and Bodrum also fought against fires.

At least eight people have already died in Turkey. Thousands had to leave their homes and some were placed in schools and sports stadiums. According to official information, support comes from Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Croatia. In the latter there was also a fire near the port city of Trogir.

In Italy, too, the situation is becoming increasingly critical.

There fires rage on the large holiday islands of Sicily and Sardinia as well as in the southern regions of the mainland such as Calabria and Apulia. Relaxation is not in sight:

The Italian civil protection authority expects another heat wave with temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius in the coming days.

Flood and inundation.

Germany, Netherlands, Belgium

Many people lost their lives in these disasters.

Many are wounded and burned.

Many mourn the deceased.

Others have lost their livelihoods.

A drama that will have consequences for years to come.


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