About us:

We are the ArcArc Organization.

and we are an NGO

NGO means "Non-Governmental Organization" and means non-governmental organization.

We are a private organization that represents social interests, but is not subordinate to the state or the government.

Non-governmental organizations emerged before the nation-states and often influenced society and politics in an international context. In the 18th century in the fight against slavery, for example, or in the 19th century for the right to vote for women. Around 1945 the term NGO was established in world politics by the United Nations.

The ArcArc

The term NGO is not legally defined and there is no public body that officially registers organizations as NGOs.

It is therefore up to PERCEPTION whether an organization is perceived as an NGO or not, both the self-perception of the organization itself and the FOREIGN perception, i.e. the public, specialist public and media, as well as government and supraregional administrative bodies.

These bodies have usually developed their own definitions of who is an NGO, depending on the type of cooperation or confrontation to date.

Public due to legal form, self-administration and internationality:

WE do not act in secret, but publicly visible.

WE have a private legal form and manage ourselves according to our statutes.

Our focus is international, even if the activity can be regional. Whether in exchange with organizations abroad or by dealing with global problems, WE think outside the box of the region!

OUR focus on the common good of society:

WE do not pursue any harmful or discriminatory activities and our activities are aimed at the good of the world, for people, animals, the environment or politics.

WE are independent

WE are content-wise and financially independent of the influence of the state and the economy, and we choose our topics and activities ourselves, exclusively based on the declared GOAL of our organization.

This does not mean that no financial support HAS to be accepted!


WE also have paid staff (of course), but on the board of directors or through voluntary commitment by members, a significant part of our work is done through personal contribution. This goes beyond the aspect of the formal non-profit orientation and is an important characteristic.


This is perhaps our most important distinguishing feature: the interests of our members go beyond personal purposes and are for a greater cause than self-interest.

WOW, that's us!

We are a community of individuals and businesses.

Our interaction is to help the victims in the crisis area of ​​Greece quickly and easily.

For this purpose we organize people and resources that are necessary for quick help, your support can and will help.

In order to be able to implement this help, we have countless contacts and opportunities directly on site.

And of course everyone can and can do their part.

Any help is useful. You can support us and the victims with active / passive or analog help.

For this we have provided two (private) donation accounts, one PayPal account & one checking account each, based in Germany and Greece.

We will help transparently and openly with all donations.

We will also control all actions and transfers with the support of two lawyers who are on site in Greece.

Everything should always be used actively and directly.

We will publicly present the status of the donations and the use, the help campaigns on a daily basis.

Help; donate to one of our accounts. Support Us, help the victims directly or through passive help.

Of course we also need tangible, factual things.

We have put together a list of things that we need to easily do our job and achieve our goals.

We can be reached using the contact details provided here or on Facebook. Help is important, help can save lives.

Together we make a difference.

That's how it is with us!

But it is not just enough to accept donations in money or in kind.

The appropriate people must also be there who will make the right use of them.

There have to be people who are involved in missions and other activities. If you would like to join us, we would be delighted.

Please have a look at this page and find out more.

Our organization is divided into 3 sections













Emergency aid

  • in crisis areas
  • in disaster areas


  • when rebuilding after crises or disasters
  • in disaster risk
  • reduction in ensuring drinking water,
  • sanitation and hygiene
  • in the fight against famine (national & international)

We promote:

  • advice on general social issues
  • help with disabilities and mental health problems
  • mobile care for the sick and the elderly
  • the insurance "life in old age"
  • the support of social stations, hospitals, poor houses, boards etc.
  • in - Greece and supply them with everything they need through donations in kind or money. the support of socially disadvantaged families in Germany and other European "welfare states".
  • the missing person assistance




We stand up for the protection of every single animal - in the environment of a livable environment and nature.

  • We fight for the end of animal suffering in Europe and worldwide.
  • We fight to ensure that no more animals suffer for human benefit.
  • We actively support social change towards more animal welfare.
  • We do practical animal welfare work on site.
  • We initiate and support legislative procedures with the aim of improving the legal basis for animal welfare and use legal remedies where appropriate.
  • We inform the public about animal suffering and ways to prevent it.
  • We also convey animal welfare to future generations by promoting and supporting children and young people in the animal welfare sector.
  • We network nationally and internationally to strengthen animal and nature conservation.
  • We fight with a team of committed, voluntary and full-time employees for our goals and tasks and use their diverse strengths efficiently.




We promote climate protection and want to help limit global heating to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

We promote the goals of environmental and nature protection as well as landscape management.

With our helpers, we encourage the population and tourists to behave properly on the beaches, in the forests and parks and in nature in general.